Few Interesting Facts about Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

Fabricating circuit boards is a process that is time consuming and considered as complex. Moreover, a number of steps and stages are involved in designing the final product. These types of boards are normally designed, so that an electronic device can function without any trouble. All the electronic devices and gadgets manufactured by electronic industry have circuit boards in them. The difference is that each device has its own circuitry requirements.

Once the board is being designed, a number of components are attached to it. The process of placing several components on a PCB is refers to as PCB assembly. Generally, there are two methods used for assembling a printed circuit board.

The first one is known as Surface Mount Assembly and the other is known as Through Hole Construction. In surface mount assembly, the components are placed on a pad located on the outer surface of the board whereas the case is totally different in case of through-hole construction as the components leads are inserted into the holes. However, volume of the board is taken into contemplation to determine the technique that is the best for getting the job done effortlessly.

Apart from this, numerous steps are involved in printed circuit board fabrication. For example multi-layer processing, finishing and the testing! Testing is being done to evaluate whether it is doing the job for which it has been created or not.

Most of the experts firstly design a PCB prototype and after that, it is being tested. In case, it is not giving the desired results, a new prototype or necessary changes are being made and tested again before moving to the other stages.

Now, you can have a look at the most important parts of a printed circuit board that are as follows:


The board is made from a variety of material and usually have green, blue or brown color. The material is robust and can bear electrical, mechanical and thermal stresses for years to come.


Traces are nothing but the wirings of the circuit board. All the components are joined with traces to form circuits.


A number of components are placed on both the sides of the board. Holes are made to fix accurately components of different sizes and shapes.


Connectors have a major role to play in circuit boards as they are responsible for providing electrical signals and power to the circuit board.


A number of layers are present inside the board. Now the question is how to connect these layers electrically? The answer to this question is very simple. Vias are responsible for connecting different layers on the board. These are nothing but the holes made on the board with a conducting metal plug.

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